Der Med

Chemical peeling is based on the controlled burning of the skin with chemical substance which leads to shedding of the skin. In addition, depending on the used substance we can stimulate the cellular regeneration, influence skin self-humidifying or smooth the enlarged skin pores. By using peeling we can: reduce scars, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, increase the skin elasticity and turgor, remove excessive sebum production and comedones. To obtain optimum results we carefully select the peeling substances best matched for the chosen technique and their concentrations for individual skin problems of our individual patients. We use the trichloracetic acid (TCA 15%, 25%, 50%), the Jessner’s peel, also pirogronic, salicylic, glycolic and mandelic acids, as well as Cosmelan, the best peeling substance for hyperpigmentations removal. We also use mixed peeling solutions as well as combine peelings with microdermabrasion or mesotherapy in treatment of acne, rosacea and removing of scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation and UV- damage.